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“in contACT​”

We work towards ensuring a life free from inequality and discrimination for every person. ​
About Us
Our concrete objectives are aligned with the priorities of inclusion, promoting equality and non-discrimination, digital youth work, and promotion of alternative forms of participation
What we do
Promoting Inclusion and Non-Discrimination
Unlocking Creativity
Fostering Cross-Cultural Collaboration
Local community forum
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We aim to create inclusive environments, combat discrimination, provide support services, and promote their rights and well-being.


We organize events for inclusion, promoting equality and non-discrimination

Pure Identities Festival 2024

Η in contACT ΟΚοιΠ, στα πλαίσια των δράσεων με στόχο την εξάλειψη των διακρίσεων και…

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Κυκλική Προπόνηση*

Κυκλική Προπόνηση*Disabling stereotypes and unconscious bias 4 VENUES:*Κυριακή 19/11, 19.00 // To Pikap Kato (Ολύμπου…

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This website is officially presented in English language and not in Greek. The decision to maintain the website in English is based on several key considerations:

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